Wooden 3 Man Chess Set

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Concept Seen in The Big Bang Theory! "Transitional quadrilateral-to-triangular tessellation" to solve the balanced center combat-area problem. The chessboard takes the form of a hexagon and is divided into three areas with 32 squares each. Each area has a base determined by one of the sides of the hexagon labeled by letters and on which chess pieces are placed before the beginning of a game. The dark squares of a chessboard may be of a single color or, in the version for beginners, each player's area of a chessboard is painted in a different color.

Three player chess combines all of the infinite varieties of a classic game of chess with an addition of complex psychological elements. Alliances are formed and broken if players so wish. A player must be focused not only on attacking and protecting his/her own pieces but also on the protection of the player threatened by the third one. This nature of conquering and surviving is familiar to all who have played chess.



Weight: 1.1lbs
Metal: Non Metal
Length: 11 inches
Width: 1.64 inches
Height: 1.64 inches

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