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The Infamous Light Up Word Clock

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Forget numbers, the LED Word Clock displays the time as text! It's easy to set, easy to read... and tons of fun to have around the home or office Instead of two hands or a digital display, the LED Word Clock shows the current time as words in bright white LED light. For example, if the time were 10:50 the LED clock would say It is ten minutes to eleven At 10:51 the LED clock would say It is ten minutes to eleven and one LED ; on the bottom will be lit up At 6:25 it would say It is twenty-five minutes past six Includes built in easel for desktop use or could be hung on a wall


We at Cailin's like to give people more than they Expect! So sometimes we will present things that aren't necessarily jewelry but will still light up your life as if it were!

Introducing our latest surprise! The Led Word Clock! You've seen then Everywhere online, now you can own personally one!

We all need things to make us smile, take us out of the ordinary into the extraordinary. This does just that!

AC Adapter, Light and Wall Mounting included!

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