Wishbone Earrings

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Wonder Away your worries with these classic Wishbone Earrings. The classic tale of origin says that this classic symbol comes from the ancient Etruscans who were wishing to benefit from the powers of the oracle. They would pick up the breastbone and stroke it while making their wish; hence the name. Why do we still have it in modern times? The Romans eventually crossed paths with the Etruscans, acquiring some of their customs, including ‘rooster divination’. Legend says that the Romans went from petting the bones to breaking them because of a supply and demand situation. Two people would wish on the same bone, then break it to see who got the bigger piece as well as their wish. Now You Know!

Carry on this custom in your choice of Sterling Silver, or 14K Rose, Yellow or White Gold.


Weight: 0.70 g
Length: 7.88 mm
Width:  6.02 mm
Height: 1.26 mm
Surface Finish: Polish

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