The Luxury Extreme Peridot Diamond Ring

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There are two known "Extreme Gems" on Earth known to man. They are gems brought to the surface through the forces of Earthquakes & volcanos. They are found in lava, meteorites as well as deep within Earth’s mantle. Those two gems are Peridot & diamonds. This ring has both. For that reason this ring is a truly rare treasure for any to have.

Precious Two Tone metals 925 Sterling Silver as well as 14K Yellow Gold Elegantly Encase two gorgeous green peridot gems which have two rows of Exquisite white diamonds next to them. A luxuriously cosmic pairing to say the least.  

Earliest records tell us that peridot was mined as early as 1500 B.C. The Egyptians had a monopoly on the mining of peridot for many centuries on the Island of Zabargad. It is believed that some of Cleopatra's vast emerald collection was actually peridots.The largest peridot is in the United States at the Smithsonian Museum. It is 310 carats.

"The Extreme Gems” by the Gemological Institute of America, Peridot is born of fire & brought to light, one of only two gems (diamond is the other) formed not in the Earth’s crust, but in molten rock of the upper mantle and brought to the surface by the tremendous forces of earthquakes and volcanoes. While these Peridots are born of Earth, other crystals of Peridot have extraterrestrial origins, found in rare pallasite meteorites (only 61 known to date) formed some 4.5 billion years ago, remnants of our solar system’s birth.

On an emotional level, peridot is believed to help one obtain self-focus to not only block out negative emotions, but at the same time, defend and reject certain negative emotions such as anger, guilt, and jealousy. Its healing properties help one cope with different instances of heartache, and aid in the healing of a damaged Ego.

Weight: 2.5G
Metal: 925 Sterling Silver
Accent: 14K Yellow Gold
Gem Weight: 0.9 CT
diamond Weight: 0.01 CT
Gem Type: diamond
Gem Creation: Natural
Gem Weight: 0.010 ctw
Gem Type: Peridot
Gem Creation: Natural
Gem Colour: Green
Gem Quantity: 2
Gem Weight: 0.45 ct

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