925 Sterling Silver Long Feather Earrings

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925 Sterling Silver Long Feather Earrings - Cailin's

“It's not enough to have the feathers. You must dare to fly!”

We'll supply the feathers but the courage has to come from you.

These elegant feather earrings are simplistic from their subtle true to form texture to their classic wire closure. Feathers are a universal symbol of Freedom, Truth, Speed, Lightness, Flight & Ascension. In dreams they point to travel while white feather symbolize innocence or a fresh start.

From the Native Americans Chiefs symbolizing their communication with Spirit, celestial wisdom and new beginnings to the Celtics who wore them as ceremonial robes to Christianity where three feather were made into signet rings that symbolize Charity, Hope and Faith. They were worn as a symbol of the virtuous soul. A secondary use for these rings at this time were wax seals. The ring would be submerged in wax and pressed against various letters as a firm closure. The receiver would then instantly know this communication came from a virtuous man.  


Weight: 2G
Metal: Sterling Silver
Length: 41 mm (1.6 inches)
Width: 7 mm
Purity: 925

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