Stainless Steel Western Bull Horn Head Necklace

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Stainless Steel Western Bull Horn Head Necklace - Cailin's
The one day, the bull was resting near the entrance of its cave. A lion happened to come to that pond to drink water and saw this fleshy bull. He thought, “wow a healthy bull ! If I can hunt him, I will have a good meal”. The bull too saw the lion and realized the danger. Immediately a brilliant idea came up in his mind.

When the lion came near, the bull looked into the cave and shouted, “Darling, don’t cook anything for today. I have just spotted a lion. I am waiting for it to come near. I will kill him for our food today”. When the lion heard this, he was terrified and ran away to save his life.

A jackal saw the lion running breathlessly. He stopped the lion and asked why he was running like that. The lion told him about the bull and what had happened. The jackal said, “that bull has made food out of you !. Come with me, lets hunt him together and feast on him.”

The lion was too scared to go back. So the jackal said, “Alright then lets tie our tails together and let me lead you. Even if that bull attacks then I will be the one to get caught first”. The lion agreed. They both tied their tails together and walked towards the bull’s cave.

The bull saw the jackal and the lion coming towards him. The bull already knew about the cunningness of the jackal, so he knew he should be more careful this time. When the two animals came near the cave, the bull shouted, “hey jackal, you are a wonderful friend. Just as you promised you have brought back the lion to my cave.”

Hearing this the lion was terrified again. He ran as fast as he could dragging the jackal with him over stones and thorns. Thus the clever bull escaped from his enemies using his cleverness.