Stainless Steel Black Rockstar Crystal Guitar Necklace

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Stainless Steel Black Rockstar Crystal Guitar Necklace - Cailin's

They say where words fail music speaks. Music is a universal language that needs no letters to get it's magic across. All it ever requires is rifts, chords, heart and soul. It's intangible mystique  soothes even the most savage beast. This stainless steel black guitar rockstar necklace is a representation of all that we strive to achieve. All the beauty in a single moment that words can never accurately capture, music always manages to magically make reappear. Embrace your inner rockstar.

Chain Length: 24 inches
Average Weight: 14.78g
Metal: Stainless Steel
Chain Type: Ball Link
Chain Width: 1.95 mm
Guitar Length: 47.75 mm
Guitar Width: 26.2 mm
Gemstone Type: Crystal
Gemstone Quantity: 14
Gemstone Color: Clear
Clasp: Fancy Lobster
Finish: Polish
Plating Color: Black

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