Push Present Baby Fingerprint with Birthdate Necklace Charm

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I am your Mother You are my Child I am your Quiet Place You are my Wild I am you Calm Face You are my Giggle I am your Wait You are my Wiggle I am your dinner You are my Chocolate cake I am your Bed time You are my Wide awake I am your Lullaby You are my Peek A Boo I am your Goodnight Kiss You are my I Love You

Length: 1 inch Width 0.75 inches


After purchase, please email prints to contact@cailins.com

For security purposes, they will be deleted after purchase is complete


For best fingerprinting results:

* a black inkpad on white paper works best (black pen is also possible)

* Please specify if you would like the black epoxy

* If possible for best result Email us multiple prints we'll choose the best one

*Rolling is not recommended for best results

*Apply by one touch to the paper


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