Heart diamond Post Earrings

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A heart you can say is in many ways much like a diamond. It is forged under extreme pressure with the weight of mountains upon it. Almost all other things would break under such brutal constant conditions, however this struggle is what makes the diamond shine, much like the heart.  

Level Heart

Weight: 1.48 grams
Length: 6.36 mm
Width:  7.74 mm
Height: 1.65 mm
Diamond CTW: 0.06
Gemstone Size: 2 mm
Gemstone Type: diamond
Post Diameter: .03 in
Surface Finish: Polish

Puff Heart

Weight: 2.17 grams
Length: 8 mm
Width:  9.3 mm
Height: 2.5 mm
Diamond CTW: 0.025
Metal Type: Gold
Metal Purity: 14k
Surface Finish: Polish

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