925 Sterling Silver with 14KY Accent Antique Amethyst Heart Ring

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Amethyst has an enchanting and interesting history. In ancient Greece it was believed to help its wearer think clearly – as well as prevent drunkenness. Tibetan Buddhist monks regard amethyst as a sacred stone, using it for prayer beads.

According to Roman legend, Saint Valentine himself wore a purple amethyst ring with an engraving of Cupid on it. As the holy man travelled around the Roman Empire, people would recognise the image on his ring and ask him to perform marriages. Today we still celebrate St. Valentine's Day on 14th February – and the amethyst remains the symbolic gem for attracting love.

Amethyst has always been the most valued quartz variety. The Queen of Sweden's tiara, which originally belonged to France's Empress Josephine, features enormous oval amethysts surrounded by diamonds. Queen Elizabeth II also has a stunning amethyst set called the Kent Demi-Parure. Abundant Brazilian amethyst mines were discovered in the 19th century. Thanks to this, the gemstone has become very affordable and is no longer exclusive to aristocrats and collectors.

Amethyst is the birthstone for February and the gem that marks Valentine's Day. Because Saint Valentine himself was famed for wearing a beautiful amethyst ring, the gemstone prevails as a symbol of love. It is also the traditional gift given on 6th and 17th wedding anniversaries.

Purple amethyst combines especially well with purple, lilac, light blue, indigo and pink clothing. It also adds a welcome and vibrant spot of colour to black and white outfits.

Amethyst works with both white and yellow gold and looks luxurious when set with diamonds.

The infamous "Delhi sapphire", which is in fact a purple amethyst, has a rather mysterious story. Stolen from an Indian temple, it is said to be cursed.

A young curator called Peter Tandy found it in the British Natural History Museum's vaults – along with a letter from its previous owner warning that it brought bad luck. When Tandy ignored the ominous message and took the stone to a science symposium, he was caught in a horrific thunderstorm and fell ill with kidney stones.

But despite the amethyst's dangerous reputation, today you can see it on display in the Natural History Museum in London.


Weight: 3.06G
Metal: 14KY/Silver Two-Tone
Width: 8 mm
Feature: Solid
Feature: Polish
Finish: Antique
Gemstone Type: Amethyst
Gemstone Shape: Heart
Gemstone Creation: Natural
Gemstone Colour: Purple
Gemstone Size: 5mm
Gemstone Quantity: 1

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