925 Sterling Silver Swiss Blue Topaz diamond Bracelet

Regular price $588.00

Blue Topaz can symbolize faithfulness & loyalty. Topaz grows as a crystal mineral in various granite rocks, and in lava flows. A great gem for Easing tensions. The Egyptians wore it as an amulet to protect them from injury. Ancient Greeks believed that wearing topaz could increase strength and prepare you for future hardships. They also thought this gem could grant the wearer the power of invisibility! Who needs Harry Potter’s Magical Cloak, right? Topaz is found in many countries around the world which includes Brazil, Russia, Zimbabwe, Germany and the USA. It is also the official stone for the states of Utah and Texas. In Utah, you can actually hunt your very own topaz at the popular Topaz Mountain. So what are you waiting for?

Weight: 29.04G
Metal: 14K Sterling Silver
Accent: 14K Yellow Gold
Gem Type: Swiss Blue Topaz
Gem Weight: 5.88 CT
diamond Weight: 0.098 CT
Width: 7 mm
Feature: Hinge
Finish: Polish
Finish: Antique

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