925 Sterling Silver Sparking Sapphire Hoop Earrings

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925 Sterling Silver Sparking Sapphire Hoop Earrings - Cailin's

Precious Prince, I must leave you, but I will never forget you, and next spring I will bring you back two beautiful jewels in place of those you have given away. The ruby shall be redder than a red rose, and the sapphire shall be as blue as the great sea. I love blue more than any other color. I am inordinately attracted to any blue substance: to minerals like turquoise and lapis lazuli, to sapphires and aquamarines; to cobalt skies and blue-black seas; Moslem tiles - and to a blue flower whether or not it has any other merit. The open sky sits upon our senses like a sapphire crown - the Air is our robe of state - the Earth is our throne, and the Sea a mighty minstrel playing before it.

Weight: 3.1G
Metal: 925 Sterling Silver
Gem Weight: 2.06 CT
Length: 20 mm (0.78 inches)
Width: 18 mm(0.70 inches)
Closure: Hinge
Thickness: 4 mm (0.15 inches)
Gem Type: Sapphire
Gem Color: Blue
Gem Quantity: 10 (5 per Earring)
Feature: Polish

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