925 Sterling Silver Bright Star CZ Necklace

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925 Sterling Silver Bright Star CZ Necklace - Cailin's

Star facts teach us that, when it comes to stars, blue is hotter than red. We commonly associate the color red with heat, and the color blue with cold. However, this is not true for stars. Stars, like other heated objects, change from red to white, and then to blue as their temperature increases. Therefore, the red stars that you see are actually the least hot, and the blue stars in the sky are the hottest stars of all.

If you have ever wanted to be able to look back and get a glimpse of the past, then you need only lift your eyes to the night sky. That’s because the light from stars takes millions of years to reach Earth. When you look at a star, you are seeing what it looked like thousands upon thousands of years ago. Therefore, looking at the stars in the night sky is literally looking back in time. If you used a telescope to view a star on the far end of the galaxy, based on these star facts, you would be looking a staggering 100,000 years into the past!


Weight: 1.27G
Metal: 925 Sterling Silver
Chain Length: 18 inches
Chain Width: 1 mm
Charm/Element Length: 10 mm (0.40 inches)
Charm/Element Width: 11 mm (0.44 inches)
Clasp /Connector: Spring Ring
Feature: Solid
Gemstone Type: Cubic Zirconia (CZ)
Gemstone Colour: White

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