925 Sterling Silver Black Pearl Ring

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Black pearls are formed when that piece of sand gets stuck in the body of a very specific type of oyster, the Tahitian black-lipped Pinctada margaritifera. ... If an oyster that typically produces white pearls has an unusual black coloring in its nacre, it too can create a blackish pearl.

Generally, black pearls have been symbols of wealth and prosperity because of their rarity and incredible value. Ancient Chinese mythology imagined black pearls formed within the heads of dragons and considered the black pearl a symbol of wisdom.

Due to major popularity of Tahitian pearls, dyed black freshwater pearls have also gained notoriety in the fine jewelry market. This is mainly because freshwater pearls in black have a similar deep metallic shine. Black freshwater pearl colors are usually created by irradiation treatment that permanently changes the nacre of the pearls. What is remarkable about this treatment is that it provides a new color range and the look of black Tahitian at a fraction of the price. The most popular are black with green-peacock, deep sapphire blue and dark onyx black. The freshwater black pearl value can vary based on specific factors such as roundness, luster, size, surface quality.

The black pearls sophisticated and exotic look fueled multiple interpretations and meanings. A Polynesian legend says that Oro, the god of fertility and peace, while visiting the earth on a rainbow, offered a black pearl to Princess Bora Bora. As you may expect, the pearl was a symbol of his love, and nowadays it’s commonly believed that when you offer a black pearl jewelry to your special one, it denotes eternal love.

Moreover, in Chinese civilization, black pearls symbolize wisdom since they were thought of being formed within the head of a dragon. Once they reached maturity, the pearls were carried between the dragon’s teeth. According to this myth, one had to cut the dragon’s head in order to gather the pearls. The black pearl meaning is often associated to wealth and prosperity, protection, independence, allure, strength and mystery.

Weight: 3.14G
Metal: 925 Sterling Silver
Width: 2.5 mm
Band Width: 2.5 mm
Feature: Solid
Finish: Polish
Gemstone Type: Pearl
Pearl Type: Freshwater
Pearl Colour: Black
Pearl Creation: Culture

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