925 Sterling Silver Colour Me Fancy Horseshoe diamond Rings

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Some famous sports figures are even known to have some crazy lucky charms & superstitions. Michael Jordan wore his University of North Carolina basketball shorts under his Chicago Bulls uniform & former New York Mets reliever. Our folks at the Kentucky Derby Museum are no exception either. If avid bettor & veteran Tour Guide, Becky Schroeder is playing the ponies, she will always put her money on a horse if it has the word “Cat” in its name.

The basic metal makeup even made the horseshoe an easy favorite for as a lucky charm. Most of the early horseshoes were first made of iron, which is a durable metal but also thought to have mystical powers; it has magnetic capabilities; runs abundantly through human bodies & can apparently keep fairy-folk at bay. Witches were said to be so fearful of the iron-made horseshoes that they decided to take flight on broomsticks instead of galloping away on horses for transportation.

Even the amount of nail holes made this protective footwear lucky! Seven holes were made into the shoe to hold it in place on the hoof. As it just so happens, seven is one of the luckiest of numbers on earth as it appears so frequently in nature. There are seven days of the week, seven seas, seven continents & even seven colors in a rainbow.

Many people agree that the horseshoe is, in fact, lucky but can’t seem to agree on how to hang on to that luck. Some superstitious folk hang their horseshoe prong-side up (U) so the luck stays in the cup to protect the home or barn where it hangs. Others decide to hang it heel-side up so that all the good luck flows out to those who pass under it. Take a walk on the backside of Churchill Downs & one will see that many of the seasoned horse trainers can’t even agree on the best way to hang the shoe. Our best suggestion is to hang it both ways to ensure the most luck for your home or barn!

Weight: 2.6G
Metal: 925 Sterling Silver
diamond Weight: 0.07 CT
Feature: Polish
Feature: Black, Gold, Silver, Rose Plate

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