14K Yellow Gold Oval Genuine Green Jade Earrings

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“Jade is precious not because it is rare, but because the quality of jade corresponds to virtue. It relates to such virtues as benevolence, wisdom, righteousness, propriety, loyalty, and trustworthiness, and it also corresponds to the ways of the heaven and earth. Jade is mild and gentle, just like a benevolence. Jade has a fine texture yet it is solid, just like a wise person; with a careful, meticulous and thorough way of handling things. Though jade has edges and corners, it is not sharp and will not hurt others, resembling a sense of justice and uprightness. When the jade is hung, it symbolizes polite restraint and prudence. When it is struck, it releases a clear and spirited sound like music. Though jade is beautiful, blemishes do not obscure its merits. Just like loyalty, it is without bias and without the need to conceal. In addition, the color of jade can be seen from all angles. Just like trustworthiness, a person's behavior is consistent with words. Even in a darkened room, a person is trustworthy and does not cheat others. Jade is crystal like, glittering and translucent as a white rainbow, like the white clouds of heaven, which harmonize the heavens and correspond to heavenly principles. The spirit of the jade can be seen in the landscape, like ‘when jade lies in a deep pool, it makes the river enchanting. When jade rests on the mountain, the grass becomes luxuriant.’ Wherever located, it is bound to have an effect, just like a noble demeanor can harmonize many things and benefit the whole region. People everywhere cherish jade, which is because people respect and admire virtue. The noble virtues are the manifestation of heavenly principles.”  Confucius


Weight: 1.45 grams
Metal Purity: 14k
Metal Color: Yellow
Metal Type: Gold
Stone Type: Genuine Nephrite Jade
Stone Size: 8 mm x 6 mm

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