14K Yellow Gold Magical CZ Unicorn Necklace Charm

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A wise man never plays leapfrog with a unicorn. Each month the unicorns gathered at dusk to dance in a Circle under the full, dusky moon. They were the only race they knew of that did so. For when Alma made the world, she fashioned all the other creatures first, out of earth, wind, water, and air–then invited them to dance. But the pans turned wordless away from her, and the gryphons flew to find mountains to nest in, and the red dragons burrowed deep into the Smoking Hills, and the wyverns laughed.

So Alma created the unicorns after her own shape: sleek-bodied and long-limbed for swift running, wild-hearted and hot-blooded to make them brave warriors. Then she took from the cycling moon some of its shining stuff to fashion their hooves and horns and make them dancers. So the last-born and best-beloved of Alma called themselves also the moon’s children, and each month danced the ringdance under the round, rising moon.”

Weight: 0.78
Metal: 14K Yellow Gold
Height: 0.4 inches
Length: 0.8 inches
Gemstone Type: CZ
Gemstone Quantity: 16
Finish: Polish
Finish: Texture

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