14K Yellow Gold Saint Brigid Medal Necklace Charm

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14K Yellow Gold Saint Brigid Medal Necklace Charm - Cailin's

Brigid was born in Ireland in 450 AD She was a disciple of St. Patrick, who baptized her parents, then her. Brigid’s father was a pagan and married Brigid’s mother, a slave. As a young child Brigid had compassion for the poor, giving away food and clothing and even her father’s possessions to the poor. There are many miracles attributed to St. Brigid (I’ve read up to 46!) that happened while she was living. Brigid was a beautiful girl and her father wanted her to marry King of Ulster. At age 16, St. Brigid wanted Jesus Christ to be her spouse and she prayed that He would make her unattractive so no one would want to marry her. Her prayer was answered when St. Brigid lost an eye and then was allowed to enter a monastery. Miraculously, when St. Brigid took the veil she was healed. There she built herself a cell under a large oak tree, called Kill-dara, or Cell of the oak. St. Brigid drove out demons by simply gesturing the sign of the cross. There is a well-known miracle story about St. Birgid and her cloak. A popular way to celebrate St. Brigid’s feast day is by making a St. Brigid cross

Weight: 1.58G
Metal: 14K Yellow Gold
Length: 19 mm (0.74 inches)
Width: 19 mm (0.74 inches)
Feature: Hollow
Finish: Polish
Finish: Brush
Thickness: 2.05 mm

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