14K Yellow Gold Moveable Beer Stein Necklace Charm

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14K Yellow Gold Moveable Beer Stein Necklace Charm - Cailin's

The world's longest hangover lasted 4 weeks after a Scotsman consumed 60 pints of beer. Cenosillicaphobia is the fear of an empty beer glass. The strongest beer in the world has a 67.5% alcohol content. After he won the Nobel Prize, Niels Bohr was given a perpetual supply of beer piped into his house. The builders of the Great Pyramid of Giza were paid with a daily ration of beer.  George Washington insisted his continental army be permitted a quart of beer as part of their daily rations. J.K. Rowling invented Quidditch in a pub. Beer helped Joseph Priestley discover oxygen. He noticed gases rising from the big vats of beer at a brewery and asked to do some experiments. The moon has a crater named Beer. In the 1980s, a beer-drinking goat was elected mayor of Lajitas, Texas.

Weight: 1.94G
Metal: 14K Yellow Gold
Length: 15 mm (0.59 inches)
Width: 11 mm (0.43 inches)
Feature: Solid
Feature: Polish
Feature: Three d
Feature: Moveable

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