14K Yellow Gold Lovely Ladybug Beetle Necklace

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This 14K Yellow Gold ladybug beetle necklace is so beautiful! A perfect tribute to our lovely ladybugs! It comes with a 16 inch 1mm chain.Why are they called ladybugs? When European farmers crops kept being eaten by pests they prayed to the Virgin Mary for help because their whole life depended on it. When the ladybugs came they cleared the problem. So as an answered Prayer they gave them the name Ladybugs.


These flying friends help us with farming & bring us so much joy & wonder. How fast can a ladybug walk do we wonder? 37 MPH How long can they fly? 2 Hours! How high an they climb? 3800+ feet. How much do they weigh? 0.2G They an Eat up to 5,000 bugs in their life! Their markings let other animals know not to Eat them! Their colors & pretty spots are a warning! Even though they are so lovely!


Weight: 0.8G
Metal: 14K Yellow Gold
Accents: Enamel
Chain Length: 16 inches
Chain Width: 1 mm
Charm/Element Length: 10 mm
Charm/Element Width: 9 mm
Feature: Polish
Closure: Spring Ring

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