14K Yellow Gold Genuine Sapphire Leverback Earrings

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The name of sapphire gemstone is derived from a Greek word sappheiros, which was originally referred to another common blue gemstone, lapis lazuli.

Sapphires are known to humans for thousands of years and they are treasured since long time. According to archeologists the ancient Romans used polished sapphires as jewelry.

French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte gave a sapphire engagement ring to his beloved Josephine, in 1796. The ring has a pear-shaped sapphire and pear-shaped diamond, on a gold band. This historical ring was sold at auction for an amount close to a million dollars last year.

Sapphire is known for its mystical powers throughout the history. It is believed that sapphire protected their wearers from bad and evil. Sapphire was used for curing eye diseases in middle ages.  Sapphire is still used to symbolize nobility and faithfulness.

Weight: 0.8G
Metal: 14k Yellow Gold
Gem Weight: 1.16
Length: 23 mm (0.90 inches)
Width: 4 mm (0.15 inches)
Earring Closure: Leverback
Gemstone Type: Sapphire
Gemstone Shape: Pear
Gemstone Creation: Natural
Gemstone Colour: Blue
Gemstone Cut: Facet
Gemstone Size: 6 mm x 4 mm
Gemstone Quantity: 2
Gemstone Weight: 0.58 ct

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