14K Yellow Gold Fortune Cookie Charm

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In China, fortune cookies are relatively unknown yet they are extremely popular in America, ironically in Chinese restaurants, and due to their availability in such restaurants, they are widely thought to be of Chinese origin. Places that serve them call them "Genuine American Fortune Cookies."

The messages contained inside fortune cookies are commonly vague, though generally positive, and they may have a proverb, suggest a destiny, or give advice, or may list numbers that are said to bring good luck.

‘Fortune cookies’ were initially known as ‘fortune tea cookies’ in the United States, until around the time of World War II.

It is believed that Japanese immigrants living in California introduced fortune cookies to the United States in the early 1900s, possibly changing the ingredients slightly to suit Westerners.

Fortune cookies increased dramatically in popularity when Chinese immigrants took over the production of the food in the United States, after Japanese labourers were imprisoned during World War II.

The greatest gift of all, is Love. About time I got out of that cookie!

Weight: 3.88 G
Metal: 14K Yellow Gold
Length: 0.48 inches
Width: 0.48 inches
Finish: Polish
Feature: Openable

Feature: Stamp

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