14K Yellow Gold Firefighter Necklace Charm

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Molly Williams was the first recorded woman to serve as a firefighter in an official capacity in New York City in 1815. She was also one of the first African Americans to serve as an official firefighter as well. Unfortunately, she was a slave to Benjamin Aymar, who was associated with Oceanus Engine Company #11. During the blizzard of 1818, there were very few male firefighters available due to influenza. Molly stepped up and practically was doing all the work herself, trudging through the snow with the fire pump to emergencies. Nowadays, most firefighters are still men (women account for just 4% of all firefighters).

Most firemen are volunteers. Firefighters are expected to get dressed in less then 2 minutes. Firemen enter buildings with temperatures greater than what you cook meat at in your oven.  A burning building typically reaches 600 degrees on the bottom floor and can get up to typically 1500 degrees in the ceiling! Most people don't cook their food at more then 450 degrees.This includes their turnout gear and SCBA (what they use to breathe with in burning buildings) correctly in less than 2 minutes. All of that gear plus the tools to do the job can weigh anywhere between 80 to 120 pounds.

Benjamin Franklin is responsible for the first fire company in Philadelphia. These firefighters were sometimes known as Benjamin Franklin’s Bucket Brigade. They would meet monthly to discuss different techniques to fight fires.

Weight: 2.78 GM
Metal: 14K Yellow Gold
Length: 31.5 mm (1.28 inches)
Width: 19.5 mm (0.80 inches)
Feature: Solid
Finish: Polish
Feature: Texture

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