14K Yellow Gold dachshund dog Necklace Charms

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 One of the most recognizable dog breeds on Earth, the dachshund is also one of the most popular breeds. But how much do you really know about them? Check out the following facts and learn more about this tenacious hound.

#1 – They Come in 15 Colors

While you are probably used to seeing red, black & tan and dappled Doxies, did you know they come in 15 colors and 6 marking combinations? Colors include: black & cream, black & tan, blue & cream, blue & tan, chocolate & cream, chocolate & tan, cream, fawn (also called Isabella) & cream, fawn & tan, red, wheaten, wild board, black, chocolate and fawn. Marking combinations include: brindle, dapple, sable, brindle piebald, double piebald and piebald.

#2 – They’re Known As A Badger Dog

The name Dachshund comes from the German “Dachs” meaning “badger” and “hund” meaning dog. According to the AKC, Americans called the dog “Badger Dog” during the postwar years to disassociate the breed from his German origins.

#3 – They Come in Three Sizes

Many people are so used to seeing a miniature Dachshund, they forget that the standard size exist, and it can be almost triple the size of the mini. The mini is usually around 11 pounds and hunted small vermin while the larger, 32-pound dog hunted the badger. In Germany, they come in a third size, in between the miniature and the standard.

#4 – Have 3 coat types

Another trait people are not always aware of is that the doxie comes in the popular smooth coat as well as a longhaired and a wire-haired. All three coats are acceptable in the show ring.

#5 – They Are A Queen’s Favorite

Queen Victoria is known for being partial to the breed, saying “Nothing will turn a man’s home into a castle more quickly and effectively than a Dachshund.” (GoodReads.com). She is credited for the breed’s popularity in Britain.

#6 – They Were The First Olympic Mascot

The very first Olympic mascot in the history of the Olympic Games was Waldie a dachshund for the 1972 Munich Olympic Games. The Olympic marathon route was designed to be in the shape of the dog that year. (Olympic.org)

#7 – They Have A Long Lifespan

Chanel, a Doxie living in New York, held the Guinness World Record for oldest living dog in 2009. She died at age 21, and then another Doxie named Otto briefly held the title. That was until a terrier, Max, was proven to be older. Doxies are known for living long lives, many into their late teens.

#8 – Small Stomachs, Big Eaters

This little breed LOVES to eat! They will eat practically anything and obesity is a big problem for them, which shortens their lives and causes back and joint issues.

#9 – Tweenies

This term is sometimes used for Doxies that fall between the mini and standard size, roughly 12 to 18 pounds. As mentioned, in Britain this is another size allocation and there they are sometimes referred to as “rabbit Dachshund” because this was the size used to hunt rabbits and hares.

#10 – They Are The Smallest Hunting Breed

The Dachshund is the smallest breed in the AKC hound group, but don’t let that fool you. They are tenacious and were bred to not just stalk prey but kill it.

#11 – They Are Jumpers

For some reason, the little Doxie is known for jumping out of people’s arms, often hurting their backs. It is recommend you keep them safe while in your arms by tucking one hand around the hind end and the other holding him from underneath, up through his front legs with your hand on his chest, to keep him from getting free.

#12 – The Ultimate Watch Dog

Since they were bred to hunt and kill, the Doxie definitely has the will to go after anything. In fact, a study in the 2008 Applied Animal Behavior Science journal ranked the Dachshund as one of the most aggressive breeds toward both humans and other dogs.

#13 – Used In War Propaganda

During WWII the Doxie’s popularity in America dropped considerably. The breed was even used in anti-German propaganda for children, where the Kaiser is depicted as a “rabid hound.”

#14- You Can  Find Weiner Dog Races

Ever wondered where this came from? They started in the 1970’s in Australia, where they raced other breeds as well. The events are meant to be more fun than anything, since obviously the breed was not bred for racing. The Wienerschnitzel Weiner Nationals is held every December in San Diego, California.

#15 – They Are One Of The Most Popular Breeds

Despite his downfall during postwar years, the doxie has rebounded well. In fact, due to public relations work, the breed went from being ranked 28th according to AKC STATS to 6th by 1940. It has stayed relatively popular ever since then; in 2015 it was the 13th most popular breed, according to the AKC.


Wire Hair Long Pup

Weight: 4.42G
Metal: 14k Yellow Gold
Length: 17 mm (0.67 inches)
Width: 25 mm (0.98 inches)
Feature: Solid
Feature: Polish
Feature: 3d
Feature: Texture


Wire Hair Short Pup

Weight: 1.51 G
Metal: 14k Yellow Gold
Length: 14 mm (0.15 inches)
Width: 17 mm (0.67 inches)
Feature: Solid
Feature: Texture


Long Smooth Short Neck

Weight: 6.46 GM
Length: 14 mm (0.55 inches)
Width:  31 mm (1.22 inches)
Metal: 14K Yellow Gold
Feature: 3d
Feature: Solid
Feature: Polish


Long Smooth Long Neck

Weight: 1.69 G
Metal: 14K Yellow Gold
Length: 19 mm (0.74 inches)
Width: 20 mm (0.78 inches)
Feature: Solid
Feature: diamond cut
Feature: Satin


925 Sterling Silver Pup

Weight: 3.14G
Metal: 925 Sterling Silver
Length: 12 mm (0.48 inches)
Width: 23 mm (0.90 inches)
Feature: Solid
Feature: 3d
Feature: Polish


925 Sterling Silver Enamel

Weight: 4.01G
Metal: 925 Sterling Silver
Accents: Enamel
Length: 14 mm (0.55 inches)
Width: 24 mm (0.94 inches)


Pewter Wine Cork Sculpture

Length: 3.75 inches
Weight: 0.2G
Metal:  Pewter
Width : 1 in
Height: 1.75 inches
Finish: Polish

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