14K Yellow Gold Boxing Gloves Necklace Charms

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Boxing as a sport dates back to ancient Greeks who made it part of Olympic games as early as 688 BC. Onomastos Smyrnaios is the first winner in Olympic boxing of ancient Greek. Boxing is also called pugilism. In Ancient Greek culture, the god, Apollo, was regarded as the inventor and guardian of the sport of boxing. Archie Moore holds the record for most knockouts during a career — a staggering 141. The most prolific boxer in history was Great Britain’s Len Wickwar who, between 1928 and 1947, fought 463 bouts. He also holds the records for the most wins (336) and most losses (127) of any boxer. The record for most first round KO’s is held by Wilfred Benitez. George Foreman has made more money selling his grills than for his boxing career in which he was a 2-time heavyweight champion. 50 Cent also made more money selling Vitamin Water than Rapping.

One Glove

Weight: 8.58 G
Metal: 14K Yellow Gold
Length: 30 mm (1.18 inches)
Width: 12 mm (0.48 inches)
Feature: 3d
Feature: Hollow
Finish: Polish
Feature: Texture


Weight: 6.42G
Length: 30 mm ( 1.18 inches)
Width: 18 mm (0.70 inches)
Feature: Solid
Finish: Polish
Feature: Texture



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