14K White Gold Royal Blue Sapphire diamond Ring

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14K White Gold Royal Blue Sapphire diamond Ring - Cailin's

The jewel, which is so well adapted to a woman's adornment, is a combination of the riches of nature and art; it is concentrated brilliancy, the quintessence of light.... In the bowels of the earth, in the deserted channels of exhausted torrents, in the gloomy depths of the mineral world, stars are concealed that rival in their beauty those of the firmament. The fresh spendours of dawn, the sun's incandescent rays, the magnificent sunsets, the brilliant colours of the rainbow, all are found enclosed in a morsel of pure carbon or in the centre of a stone.... uniting as though urged by the secret instinct of the beautiful, to compose prismatic forms of astonishing regularity


Weight: 2.48G
Metal: 14K White Gold
diamond Weight: 0.07 CTW
Gem Weight: 1 CT
Gem Type: Sapphire
Gem Shape: Oval
Gem Colour: Royal Blue
Gem Size: 7 mm x 5 mm

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