14K Gold Elegant Nest Diamond Earrings

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"diamonds are the most prized and highly valued of gemstones. Throughout history they have been admired by royalty and worn as a symbol of strength, courage and invincibility. Over the centuries the diamond acquired unique status as the ultimate gift of love, in myth and reality. It is the hardest known substance yet has the simplest chemical composition, consisting of crystallized carbon, the chemical element that is fundamental to all life."


White Square

Weight: 10.07 G
Length: 30.5 mm
Width:  20.5 mm
Metal: 14k White Gold
CTW: 0.08  (1/6th)
Finish: Polish

Yellow Circle

Weight: 8.94 G
Length: 27.2 mm
Width:  18.7 mm
Height: 4.6 mm
Metal: 14K Yellow Gold
CTW: 0.07 (1/8th)
Metal Type: Gold
Metal Purity: 14k
Metal Color: Yellow
Finish: Polish