14K White Gold Moonstone diamond Stars Earrings

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Moonstone is the most valuable stone from the feldspar group. What is Feldspar? “Feldspar” is the name of a large group of rock-forming silicate minerals that make up over 50% of Earth’s crust.

A billowy or floating blue light becomes visible when the stone is rotated in front of a light source. This effect, called adularescence, is caused by the intergrowth of another feldspar in oriented positions within the main mass of the moonstone.

In many areas of the world, moonstone is believed to bring great fortune to its wearer.

In ancient times, it was supposed to arouse tender passions in lovers and give them the power to read the future; to be effective as a means of determining one’s personal future, it had to be placed in the mouth when the moon was full.

Moonstone can occur in a variety of colors aside white, like yellow, gray, pink or green, but for these « fancy » colored moonstones, the effect produce a white eye and not a blue sheen.

Moonstone is the birthstone for June, alternating with alexandrite and pearl.

The moonstone is said to be able to address a person's specific ailments. These purported healing properties of the moonstone include: Calming fears about the unknown Balancing emotional states Inspiring passion, creativity, and direction in one's life, Opening a person's intuition Relaxing a person's mind and body, Enhancing acceptance of what is, Supporting wisdom and knowledge to make decisions. Increasing confidence and the willingness to take action.

Weight: 7.53G
Metal: 14K White Gold
Moonstone Weight: 8.66
diamond Weight: 0.228 CTW
Earring Type: Huggie Hinge
Feature: Solid
Finish: Polish

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