14K White Gold Elephant Necklace Charm

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They're the world's largest land animal. The elephant's temporal lobe (the area of the brain associated with memory) is larger and denser than that of people - hence the saying 'elephants never forget'.

An elephant’s skin is 2.5cm thick in most places.  The folds and wrinkles in their skin can retain up to 10 times more water than flat skin does, which helps to cool them down.

Amazingly, elephant calves are able to stand within 20 minutes of being born and can walk within 1 hour.

They keep their skin clean and protect themselves from sunburn by taking regular dust and mud baths. Elephants communicate in a variety of ways - including sounds like trumpet calls (some sounds are too low for people to hear), body language, touch and scent. They can also communicate through seismic signals - sounds that create vibrations in the ground - which they may detect through their bones.

Weight: 2.26 G
Length: 25 mm (0.98 inches)
Width: 19 mm (0.74 inches)
Feature: Solid
Feature: Polish
Feature: Stamp
Texture: Back

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