552 Carat diamond Biggest in North America Found in Canada

552 Ct diamond The Biggest diamond In North America Found in Canada


A 552 Carat diamond, the BIGGEST in North America was located in the Northwest Terroritories of Canada. The diamond weighs twice as much as a tennis ball and is roughly the size of a chicken egg.

That's what miners in Canada's Northwest Territories discovered this October: a huge, brilliantly yellow diamond, 552 carats in weight. For reference, that's about three-quarters the weight of a baseball, about twice the weight of a tennis ball, or, charmingly, the weight of about five mice.

The color and texture of the diamond are a unique example of the journey that natural diamonds take from their formation until we unearth them," he added. "Our Diavik Mine has produced some of the most beautiful diamonds in the world, and this one certainly tops the list.

Reportedly measuring 33.74 by 54.56 millimeters (1.33 by 2.15 inches), since the diamond is roughly the size of a chicken egg and nearly three times bigger than the largest diamond found in North America up until now - a luminous 188-carat diamond dubbed "Foxfire".

 Sadly for any hopeful jewelry shoppers out there, Dominion have not said how much the new record-holder is likely to sell for. As a rough guide, however, they point out that Foxfire sold for well over $1 million at auction - meaning that, for most of us, there's a better chance of getting a diamond out of peanut butter than owning this gargantuan beauty.

"The diamond will not be sold in its rough form," reports the statement. "Due to the significance of the discovery, Dominion will select a partner in the coming weeks who will cut and polish the stone… only a handful of master cutters in the world are qualified to polish it, ensuring that the stone's beauty, color, and brilliance are maximized."

But we can still dream for ourselves.

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